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I'm Mario Rojas

MR0 for short, I'm a UX / UI designer and Fullstack developer located in Santiago, Chile. I write code to live and for pasion. I speak PHP / JS / HTML / CSS fluently.

I code.

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This is a client of years, where I have worked in the site development since 2008, running amazing designs, with special concern for details and interaction.



I was lucky to work with a great team at Lovit, which helped me with an excellent design and at the same time gave me space to propose and experiment with development.


Revista Patrimonio

This was a project where I had the support of an exceptional design team, dedicated to detail and perfection. My work was to translate the design consistently and recue the main aspects of usability.


Anuario Universidad de Chile

This project allowed me to work deeply in data visualization, development and design. I really enjoyed experimenting and formulating mechanics for the operation of this site. In addition, I worked side by side with a great design team and user experience, which supported me and guided me throughout the process.